Integrated Financial Planning

Why Integrated Planning?

Have you, the Business Owner, recently done a full insurance and/or benefit review?

Have you funded your buy – sell agreement

Have you correctly informed your accountant of all your insuring products for tax reporting purposes?


  1. Integrated Planning allows you the client and your accountant to get on the same page regarding all your financial planning.
  2. Integrated Planning accommodates for the most current and accurate tax reporting on all your financial planning products.
  3. Integrated Planning is a unique and proactive approach designed to simplify choices in this complex world.

What is Integrated Planning Services?

It is a fully coordinated approach to insurance and benefit planning, enabling an amalgamated flow of information between The Legacy Group and your accountant.

A sound financial security plan gives your assets and estate the attention it deserves.  Lean on our objective advice to gain confidence about the decisions you make regarding your wealth, your legacy, and your future generations.

What’s in it for you?

  • All current insurance and financial product records are sorted and organized into one convenient planning binder.
  • A full review and critique of above sent to your advisor for your review collectively.
  • All products reviewed for price and ownership options to confirm maximum efficiency and benefit.
  • An updated summary for your advisor to enable them to properly account and report all assets and insurance to CRA.
  • Peace of mind, knowing your financial house has been thoroughly reviewed, updated and critiqued and that al information is now properly located and coordinated with your most trusted advisor.

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